Bringing the accordion to a new generation!

Accordion Workshops

Kalei's Group Accordion Workshop will be Sunday, April 9th from 2-4pm. $20 on the Accordion Apocalypse Front Porch!
contact Skyler (415) 596-5952

Past Performers for Accordion Apocalypse Events have included:

That Damned Band- Accordion Driven Dark Carnival Steam Punk from trainwrecked souls

The Black Hats

The Vagabond Opera a unique ensemble, playing Eastern-European, klezmer-based original, jazz and belly dance music with skill, exuberance, and a gritty vagabond edge.

Circus Finelli, four funny females presenting a circus falling apart at the seams. Acts fall apart and cast members are eaten by lions, in a calculated hilarious chaos. Meet Dr. Samba, Verka the lazy juggler; Luz, the havoc-wreaking accordionista; and Z, a woman so strong she had part of her brain removed to make room for more muscle. Acrobatics, juggling, dance and live music! 

Rob Reich is an acclaimed accordionist, pianist, and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A talented instrumentalist and an inventive composer, Rob is steeped in many traditions. In addition to being a versatile solo performer, Rob can be heard playing with many top notch ensembles. He is a member of Tin Hat, Gaucho and The Nice Guy Trio, and freelances with many other Bay Area bands.Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Oberlin Conservatory. In 2010, Rob was commissioned by the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival to compose "Sidewalks and Alleys", performed by the Nice Guy Trio with an all-star string quartet. Rob also composes music for Circus Bella.

Sansa Asylum, an amazing accordionist and tap dancer extroardinare. She is currently working in collaboration with The Sansa & Shiri Show, The Yard Dogs Roadshow, and formerly Accordion Plague

Esmerelda Strange is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of San Francisco, CA. Drawing on the vaudevillian tradition of the one man band; she plays the accordion, drums and sings all at the same time. Ms. Strange would describe herself as a punk rock band, but her musical influences and the resulting product contain elements of urban folk, cumbia, circus music, Norteno/ranchero, and an Eastern European gypsy sound. She sings both in English and Spanish. She is known for her saucy sense of humor and salty lyrics.

One Man Banjo. A one man show. Combined old time tunes in a unique rhythmic fashion which was a very vibrant experience. A.K.A. Sean Lee, 1mb has been in developement for over a decade and offers a wide variety of songs, from it's roots in what we call the zig zag blues to banjo funk, swamp glam: progressing into gobbelin music ( ), and selections from Cheshire rock opera & what we call the Harlequin theory at work. S.Lee sings and plays the banjo in a sloppy rag time rhythm to the beat of a bass drum kick & a tamborine shoe.
Sparrow of The Sugarfoot Serenaders in Asheville, NC playing both accordion, and violin. She taught us some beautiful beginning Balkan accordion songs from the spaz songbook ( at Accordion Apocalypse Music Night JAM

Glenn Hartmann of The Independent, moved here from New Orleans,LA. A snappy klezmer brainchild, Glenn also boasts an accordion from the Accordion Apocalypse. Glenn Hartman started playing accordion in 1991 when he and some friends founded The New Orleans Klezmer Allstars.
Naiomi Zamir loves to play Klezmer and Eastern European Music. She began playing accordion in sing and dance circles growing up on kibutz Ein Dor, in Israel. Her
heartfelt songs and exuberant manner will enchant you.