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Skyler Fell & The Hobo Goblins

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Thee Hobo Gobbelins

From deep within the confines of the city sewers, and the darkness beneath your bed, Thee Hobo Gobbellins slash and jangle their path into your skull. They weave a wickedly catchy mixture of ancient pirate curses, orcish vaudeville, and eldritch hobo semaphore. I remember well the day it all began; it was back in the summer of ‘03, on the fetid prairie of Gorgoroth, that their ebon-striped demonic boxcar was hitched to the devil’s train. And wherever they stop, strange things tend to happen: Clowns that bite! Dead things! Cultist goblins! Flying stuff!

The Hobo Gobbelins emerge from the pulsing art vortex of Oakland, Ca., the green-skinned child of punk rock, avant-garde performance art and hobo soul. Drawing on a dizzying array of influences, the band incorporates traditional sounds of Americana and the Old World with the horrors of modernity. Monsters from folklore and fiction wriggle alongside freight-train spirituals and drinking songs. The result is a disturbing haunted house for the ear, a nightmare carnival that is at turns goofy and murderous. Human audiences drink more, dance better, and writhe uncontrollably to goblin beatings- er, beats. Incidentally, audience is the goblin word for “food that screams”.

We can play anywhere, on a rooftop or a desert, with or without a P.A. We’re all very nice, but will possibly make you uncomfortable. Book us for winery tours, carnivals, protests, eviction parties, game conventions, or any place with a large enough dimensional rift for us to pop

It is now possible to purchase three of our previous releases online! Click the link to purchase our 2008 EP "Vermin"!

And here you can find our 2009 full-length album "Deep Ones"!

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Skyler: (415) 596-5952

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-The West Coast Accordion Babes

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Previous Events with The Accordion Apocalypse & The Hobogoblins:


The International Accordion Festival Castelfidardo, Italy

The Orange County Big Squeeze Accordion Festival, LA

All Hallow's Fantasy Faire, Sonora- with The Hobo Goblins

Peralta Junction Oakland- with The Hobo Goblins

The San Francisco Accordion Club

2011 Slims San Francisco- with Humanwine

2008 SomARTS Expo-with The Hobo Goblins

2008 Jino & Wynd's Marriage Reception at The Albany Bulb- with The Hobo Goblins

2008 Hobo Goblins & Underworld Opera Co. at The Oakland Metro

2005 The Cotati Accordion Festival with Sansa Asylum from The Yard Dogs as "Vaudevillan and the Accordionettes"


  • 4/7/13 2pm Skyler Fell Solo at The Silicon Valley Accordion Society, San Jose, CA
  • 4/12/13 Skyler Fell Solo at Harmonica Dramatica: Accordion Art Show at The Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop, SF
  • 4/13/13 8pm Skyler Fell & The West Coast Accordion Babes at St. Cyprian's, SF
  • 4/24/13 8pm Skyler Fell Solo Accordion & Interview with JP Houston at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA
  • 4/28/13 2pm Skyler Fell sitting in with The Sunday Band at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown, CA

15th PM Katanexus @ Katabatik 

10th Hobogoblins @ 12 Galaxies, SF
24th Hobogoblins on Santa Clara Community Radio FM
31st Hobogoblins at 12noon@ Santa Clara University

4th Hobogoblins with The Underworld Opera Co. Circus & Variety Show at the Oakland Metro Operahouse (also at 8pm at The Dark Room Theatre in SF)
11th cheshire rock opera vignette and tea party
17th-18th for Plucker with the Hobogoblins @ The Lucid Dream Lounge in Oakland

1st Spazz Collective Brunch in Oakland Pucca Pangenitor, sunflowerfish, and many other great performers

Jackie Jones' 80th Happy Birthday Party 6pm, 350 O' Shaughnessy St, SF

"The Vagabond Opera", Circus Finelli, One Man Banjo! and special appearance by The Accordion Apoclaypse Circus Sideshow at the Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop

15th 7pm MUSIC NIGHT! backstage at the Repair Shop with The Sour Mash Hug Band at 9pm

4th the Sideshow special fluffin' show for: Amber's Happy Birthday Party

19th Music Night JAM & potluck with special guest performers Esmerelda Strange, and Sparrow!

January 06
6th at a Circus Show at the Launchpad, Oakland
23rd Accordion Apocalypse Grand Opening Tea Party!

9th-19th  Circo Romani at Cell Space 8pm with Sparrow and Sansa

26th Music Night at the Accordion Apocalypse Monster Box Warehouse

7th at Harry's Hoffbrau in San Jose for the Silicon Valley Accordion Society
13th at the Pele's Pirate Pussy Palace Cabaret Show
21st at the San Francisco Accordion Club, at Oyster Point Yacht Club

4th at the 16th Annual San Francisco Accordion Festival- FREE
23rd 3-7 at the Trans March Dolores Park x 19th St. SF FREE & FUN!
24th 3-7 CIRCUS SKILLSHARE Dyke March Dolores Park x 19th St. SF FREE & FUN!

14th at the Fire Arts Festival-Twisted Fiery Circus at the Crucible

16th Join the Accordion Apocalypse Circus Sideshow for a Circus Music Jam 7-11pm, SF

29th at Lucid Dream Lounge Presents-through the key hole...a Surreal Circus Noir 9pm Oakland

17th 7pm ACCORDION NIGHT back by popular demand! at the Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop, with NEW special guest performance by Kielbasia
22nd 4-8pm Sour Mash, Sparrow, Slim, Missa, Skyler and New Orleans crew at the Revolution Cafe SF
24th The Accordion Apocalypse Circus Sideshow up close and personal at the Folsom Street Fair

Music Night with thee Hobogoblins

24th Accordion Apocalypse Circus Sideshow with Circus Finelli at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts in Berkeley

13th Accordion Apocalypse for the Urban Circus: CD Release party Rupa & The April Fishes, El Radio Fantastique

3rd Hobogoblins 337
17th Accordion Apocalypse Circus Sideshow at Smell the RAW Talent Midnight Cabaret
18th Music Night with Performances by Sansa Asylum and Rob Reich.
28th Puppet Show with Tania Padilla and Skyler on Accordion

3 Cheshire Rock HOPera at the Bunny
21st Street Parade in the Mission & at John's Bus
27-29 Dreamtime Circus at the Xenodrome

5th Cinco de Mayo Renegade Street Carnival in the Mission
6th Silicon Valley Accordion Club Picnic in SJ
11th Wig Party Benefit with Sibyl Brand @ Center for Sex & Culture
12th Hobogoblins at Fort Awesome Collective in Berkeley
27th Cirkus Variety Show & Dinner @ Station 40 5pm

2nd with the Dreamtime Circus ( @ Xenodrome
9th with the Hobogoblins ( @ Nimby fundraiser for Steam Punk Treehouse
16th Plucker Fundraiser @ the Brothel in Oakland
22nd Cirkus Skillshare @ the TransMarch in Dolores Park in SF
29th -30th @ Mutant Fest

12th Hobogoblins @ the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma Jug Band Invasion June
27th Hobogoblins @ "Liars and Thieves" and Family Style Shivs and Tonic by the Medicine Show, Evil Wicked Warrior, Cyclecyde, Portland's Sprockettes, 5lowershop Renegade