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How to Maximize the Life of Your Accordion

Reduce damage and extend the life of you're main squeeze with these simple tips!

* HOT environments will melt the wax that holds your reeds in place. Be careful not to leave your accordion in a hot vehicle trunk for hours or in direct sunlight.
* COLD, and DAMP environments create condensation that rusts reeds, ruins tuning, and rots bellows. Some taxing places for accordions include attics, basements, storage lockers, garages, vehicles, sheds, and outside.
* DIRT clogs reeds. If reeds don't sound try having it cleaned by an accordion repairperson.
* PLAY your accordion at least 3 times a week to move air through and prevent moisture buildup. Store it out of the case and off of the floor. Try an accordion stand!
* TUNING is needed about every 3 to 5 years for frequently played accordions that are in good condition. Being in tune will enrich your musical ear and keep you a badass in with the rest of your band.
* BACKPAD's protect your bellows from wear and your nipples from getting pinched. Get one.
* OLD BROKEN STRAPS could be the downfall of you're beloved accordion. Make sure your straps are in good condition especially around the strap brackets, and always carry the accordion by the body or in a carrying case.
* GREASY PAWS will make your keyboard funky and yellow. In general it's a very good idea to rubdown your accordion with a soft damp cloth. No Solvents.
* LONG FINGERNAILS will etch into your keyboard keys causing unsightly damage to your keyboard.
* TO BE LOUD use a mic system, forcing your bellows for volume will break reeds and can lead to a bellows and valves that leak.
* TILT the keyboard in first when you put your accordion in the case to avoid damaging the bass machine or bending buttons- vice versa to lift it out.
* BASS MACHINE must be blocked off when shipping your accordion. If you're not sure how to pack it, consult a repair person. If it's damaged severely in shipping get an estimate for replacement or repair.
* AIRPLANES suck for accordions. Think about carry on size when you choose your accordion, and get a flight case or a soft carrying case. Never check your accordion as baggage.
* Get your WAX REFRESHED by a trained repair person if your accordion is over 40 years old. It has now become dry and crumbly and reeds are in danger of becoming snaggletooth and maybe even falling out. (NOTE: Re-melting the old wax with a soldering iron or like tool does not work- it dries your wax out more. Do not glue)
* LEFT alone in its case un-played and neglected an accordion will deteriorate. Play it or pass it on.